Friday, October 10, 2008

My husband rocks friday

I can think of many reasons why husband rocked this pass week, but I'll only list a couple for the sake of making this a really long posting. Twice this past week my husband had dinner on the table and waiting after a long 12hr shift at work. On one of those days I was also greeted with flowers, just cause! My husband also made sure that the girls got their weekend homework done and he even helped Trinity with her serves and returns outside on the volleyball court. I can't express enough how much I love and appreciate this man. God is definitely in the blessing business and he is a prime example! I love you sweetie!Posted by Picasa


Mrs Huff RNC said...

Way to go #2! Tanashia

Visions Of Purpose said...

I totally agree. God is in the blessing business. Doesn't it feel good to have them to step in and do things without having to be told or asked?

Adventures of Keely and Sybil said...

Can we clone this man?