Sunday, October 26, 2008

This week in review

Trinity's week went fairly well. All of the course work was done on time in preparation for our trip to Atlanta. Trinity is learning many new and exciting subjects, here is a break down:

1) In english I am learning about plural and singular nouns like flag and flags.
2) In science I am learning about gravity. Did you know that gravity causes you to be almost weightless in a swimming pool?
3) In Florida history I learned that Father Lewis Cancer was a missionary not an explorer.
4) In bible I read about how Jesus healed that blind man who had a problem with his speech.
5)In literature and creative writing I am reading the book Saved at Sea. In chapter two I read about how lighthouses are made with rocks and sand. Lighthouses warn people when a storm or bad weather is coming.
6) In word building I am perfecting my cursive writing.
7) In social studies I am learning about absolute Paul.
8) In math I am working on simple algebra and division.
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