Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kids are so funny!

So we were in borders the other day and Kennedy sees a book and says "Martin Luther Kings!" I look at the book and say " baby that's not Martin Luther King, that's Obama." Kennedy's eyes lit up and she starts chanting loudly "Orocka Obama, Orocka Obama!" Kids say the darndest things!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunch and play at Tom Brown

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Pics from the past week

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And the blog goes on .......

OK, so the blog or shall I say the blogger has been out of commission. As most of you know I had a bad case of vertigo last week. It was horrible, but thank God I am much better. I did continue to school the girls (in a supine position in bed) despite my temporary condition. Trinity had her first test in Bible, English, word building, Florida state history, science, math, literature and creative writing, and social studies. Trinity did very well, she got six A's and two B's. Kennedy has had a stellar week as well. Kennedy finished her first addition and subtraction unit, and has read two new HOP books. I love the way her eyes light up when she realizes that she can read words on her own.
Trinity had her first volleyball scrimmage on 9/22/08. She was nervous but excited. The team lost pretty badly, but the girls had a blast. Their second game was on 9/24/08, and they won. I think all the girls wanted to win and it showed. Trinity hasn't quite mastered her serve yet, but she's working on it.
Kennedy had her first day of cheer dance. When she came out of the studio she was grinning from ear to ear. She also had her first day of gymnastics on 9/23/08, of course she is the tallest girl in the class. The other girls look like toddlers compared to her. Despite the size difference Kennedy had a good time in class and really enjoyed the rings and the uneven bars.

On 9/24/08 Tanashia and her girls Hannah and Sarah came by for arts and crafts day. The girls took on decorating their savings, charity and tithes jars. The jars turned out pretty nice. It was a good day and the girls enjoyed the fellowship.

So to end this really long blog, today we ate and played at the park, went to guitar lessons ( Trinity is getting really good) and went to get new books at Borders. We got our school work in and had lots of fun along the way!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Let me just say, I love the freedom of homeschooling. For instance, today we did our lessons at home, in the car, and at daddy's job. The girls and I got a little burnt out being in the house today, so we decided to take our lessons with us. First we made a stop to the bank. One of the pics shows the girls and our good family friend Prudence. The girls always like to go in her office and give her the latest scoop. Their nickname for her is Mrs. Prudy Bean! So then we were off, well so we thought. Apparently someone started a rumor in Tallahassee that the gasoline trucks were not going to be able to bring any gas for the next few days, so you better get your gas now. Of course this rumor spread like a wild fire. Everybody and their mama were out trying to get gas. Over half of the stations in town were out of gas and the traffic was a mess! So we finally made it to Vince's job. Stayed there and chatted for a while then off to the post office. The girls got a quick lesson on addressing a letter, where to place the stamp, and where to mail it. After the post office we headed back to dad's job to meet for dinner. Today was a good day all in all. The girls completed their goals and I still have half my sanity. God is good!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a long day! The morning went by pretty quickly. The girls and I stuck to our usual morning routine, except I think Kennedy got a hold of my morning Java and was "off the chain!" I couldn't get the little child to sit still for nothing in the world. I finally tied her down( just kidding:) and got her to complete her lesson. Today she took on subtraction. She got the hang of it pretty quickly. Trinity was having a slow poke of a day. She kept getting distracted by the phone, the dog, and the pencil shavings. Once I told her she was not going to make it to guitar lessons at 3pm, she got on the ball. Mr. Hoge says that Trinity is catching on fast with the guitar. She has already mastered two songs. Trinity adores Mr. Hoge and brought him a piece of nana's banana spice cake! He loved it. After lessons we went out to eat. I know it's our second time this week but I haven't managed cooking in my schedule yet. Work with a sister! Well I'm off to retire for the evening. Good night!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Start of week 2

Today was a decent day. We all started off the day well, ate breakfast, morning prayer and set goals for the day. Kennedy is doing really well with her math and reading. Today she read "Pig wig" with only one mistake. Kennedy likes to speed through her reading so that she can get straight to math. Her favorite is double digit addition so far. After Kennedy finished her math, writing and reading she loves getting on the computer and doing kindergarten computer games. Trinity is really starting to get the hang of staying focused and completing her days goals in a timely manner. Today it took her from 0930 to 1330 ( sorry about the military time, it's the nurse in me:) During that time she had two 15 minute breaks and a 20min lunch. After everyone's work was completed we went to Kennedy's ballet and tap class. Kennedy loves her teacher Miss Robyn, although she was a little disappointed when she didn't get a stamp for the second week in a row. Miss Robyn was out of stamps but promises the girls triple stamps on next week. From dance we went to see daddy at work and out for family dinner. Trinity ate without chewing so that we could hurry and head to her first volleyball practice. Now you must understand that Trinity has become quite the couch potato, so when she told me she wanted to play volleyball I rushed to register her. Vince and I met her coach, Coach Henry. He was nice, but serious about the game of "V ball.". Trin was a little shy and got off to a rough start, but recovered nicely. By the end of practice she was grinning from ear to ear talking about how she couldn't wait for Saturday's practice. Upon leaving practice we got word that my father in-law is in kidney failure and will need immediate dialysis. Please keep him in your prayers. Well let me go, we've got a full day ahead of us!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pics from our first week

First week of homeschool

I finally listened to my calling from God to educate my children at home. I knew I wanted to do it,but I was afraid of failing my children. I now know that I am able and competent to give my children a proper education and rearing.
This week was our first week. I guess in my mind I had this great idea of how I thought the day's schedule would go. I figured we would wake up at 0800 (sorry that's the nurse in me:) eat breakfast, have morning devotional reading, pray, and start our days curriculum at 0900. Well tuesday went okay except the school work took a little more time than I had planned. Trinity's curriculum is primarliy self directed, which helps alot. I basically assist her in establishing her goals for the day then make sure that she has achieved them at the end of the day. Kennedy is doing the complete kindergarten hooked on phonics set. In this curriculum they suggest that the lessons be split in 20 minute mini lessons, now I know why. It is very hard getting a five year old to sit at a table for hours at a time. As the week progressed, Kennedy's lessons went from 2.5hrs to three 20min lessons. Yes I did achieve success this week. By the end of the week Trinity was finally getting used to the idea that she is responsible for how long it takes her to complete her assignments. She know that if she gets off task and works slowly, she will be at the table doing school work all day ( I'm talking 8hrs, wednesday...urgh!). Overall I don't feel defeated and I know that this is God's will. He hasn't failed me yet, so I'm not going to fail him with this! I continue to pray daily and thank God for this awesome opportunity.