Friday, September 12, 2008

Let me just say, I love the freedom of homeschooling. For instance, today we did our lessons at home, in the car, and at daddy's job. The girls and I got a little burnt out being in the house today, so we decided to take our lessons with us. First we made a stop to the bank. One of the pics shows the girls and our good family friend Prudence. The girls always like to go in her office and give her the latest scoop. Their nickname for her is Mrs. Prudy Bean! So then we were off, well so we thought. Apparently someone started a rumor in Tallahassee that the gasoline trucks were not going to be able to bring any gas for the next few days, so you better get your gas now. Of course this rumor spread like a wild fire. Everybody and their mama were out trying to get gas. Over half of the stations in town were out of gas and the traffic was a mess! So we finally made it to Vince's job. Stayed there and chatted for a while then off to the post office. The girls got a quick lesson on addressing a letter, where to place the stamp, and where to mail it. After the post office we headed back to dad's job to meet for dinner. Today was a good day all in all. The girls completed their goals and I still have half my sanity. God is good!

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