Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a long day! The morning went by pretty quickly. The girls and I stuck to our usual morning routine, except I think Kennedy got a hold of my morning Java and was "off the chain!" I couldn't get the little child to sit still for nothing in the world. I finally tied her down( just kidding:) and got her to complete her lesson. Today she took on subtraction. She got the hang of it pretty quickly. Trinity was having a slow poke of a day. She kept getting distracted by the phone, the dog, and the pencil shavings. Once I told her she was not going to make it to guitar lessons at 3pm, she got on the ball. Mr. Hoge says that Trinity is catching on fast with the guitar. She has already mastered two songs. Trinity adores Mr. Hoge and brought him a piece of nana's banana spice cake! He loved it. After lessons we went out to eat. I know it's our second time this week but I haven't managed cooking in my schedule yet. Work with a sister! Well I'm off to retire for the evening. Good night!

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Mrs Huff RNC said...

Nice to hear that you guys are keeping to your "morning schedule!" --- don't make me gag! :) Lovin that i-phone, huh? Tanashia