Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Start of week 2

Today was a decent day. We all started off the day well, ate breakfast, morning prayer and set goals for the day. Kennedy is doing really well with her math and reading. Today she read "Pig wig" with only one mistake. Kennedy likes to speed through her reading so that she can get straight to math. Her favorite is double digit addition so far. After Kennedy finished her math, writing and reading she loves getting on the computer and doing kindergarten computer games. Trinity is really starting to get the hang of staying focused and completing her days goals in a timely manner. Today it took her from 0930 to 1330 ( sorry about the military time, it's the nurse in me:) During that time she had two 15 minute breaks and a 20min lunch. After everyone's work was completed we went to Kennedy's ballet and tap class. Kennedy loves her teacher Miss Robyn, although she was a little disappointed when she didn't get a stamp for the second week in a row. Miss Robyn was out of stamps but promises the girls triple stamps on next week. From dance we went to see daddy at work and out for family dinner. Trinity ate without chewing so that we could hurry and head to her first volleyball practice. Now you must understand that Trinity has become quite the couch potato, so when she told me she wanted to play volleyball I rushed to register her. Vince and I met her coach, Coach Henry. He was nice, but serious about the game of "V ball.". Trin was a little shy and got off to a rough start, but recovered nicely. By the end of practice she was grinning from ear to ear talking about how she couldn't wait for Saturday's practice. Upon leaving practice we got word that my father in-law is in kidney failure and will need immediate dialysis. Please keep him in your prayers. Well let me go, we've got a full day ahead of us!

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Mrs Huff RNC said...

Shot out to Ms Trinity...hope the girls and I can make it to a few games. Ms Tanashia