Sunday, September 7, 2008

First week of homeschool

I finally listened to my calling from God to educate my children at home. I knew I wanted to do it,but I was afraid of failing my children. I now know that I am able and competent to give my children a proper education and rearing.
This week was our first week. I guess in my mind I had this great idea of how I thought the day's schedule would go. I figured we would wake up at 0800 (sorry that's the nurse in me:) eat breakfast, have morning devotional reading, pray, and start our days curriculum at 0900. Well tuesday went okay except the school work took a little more time than I had planned. Trinity's curriculum is primarliy self directed, which helps alot. I basically assist her in establishing her goals for the day then make sure that she has achieved them at the end of the day. Kennedy is doing the complete kindergarten hooked on phonics set. In this curriculum they suggest that the lessons be split in 20 minute mini lessons, now I know why. It is very hard getting a five year old to sit at a table for hours at a time. As the week progressed, Kennedy's lessons went from 2.5hrs to three 20min lessons. Yes I did achieve success this week. By the end of the week Trinity was finally getting used to the idea that she is responsible for how long it takes her to complete her assignments. She know that if she gets off task and works slowly, she will be at the table doing school work all day ( I'm talking 8hrs, wednesday...urgh!). Overall I don't feel defeated and I know that this is God's will. He hasn't failed me yet, so I'm not going to fail him with this! I continue to pray daily and thank God for this awesome opportunity.


Mrs Huff RNC said...

Glad to see that you stepped up and initiated your blog. Looking forward to sharing this homeschool experience with you and your girls! We can learn alot from one another. Love you, Tanashia

DMJC said...

Thanks so much for sharing.
I am looking forward to sharing with you all, as well. I need to publish my site...already started it.